We are a leading North American Intellectual Property Rights Research and Clearance Company.

Since 1998, we have ensured you receive the clearances you need, whether you're making a film, television series, web series, web site, documentary, game, or advertisement. Founded by Amy Lennie and Ron Proulx, The Rights Company has worked on over 200 Feature Films, 400 TV Movies & 9000 TV Episodes, and has clients throughout the world, including Canada, USA, U.K., Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, and Australia. The Rights Company has worked on such productions as Maps To The Stars, Saw II/III/IV/V, Buried, Flashpoint, Schitt’s Creek, Degrassi: The Next Generation, Resident Evil, Heartland, Away From Her, and The Shipping News.

We perform a variety of services on your behalf:

We clear all rights, including but not limited to:

  • Footage and all visuals
  • Underlying rights; talent, music, choreography, etc.
  • Photos, artwork, likeness, articles, etc.

We work in all media, including:

  • Television and Theatrical
  • Electronic Media, including Internet and DVD
  • Print Publishing
  • Advertising
Here are some interesting infringement stories.


Producer: Not A Real Company Productions
maps to stars MAPS TO THE STARS
Director: David Cronenberg
Resident-Evil-Retribution RESIDENT EVIL
Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
71f4c-flashpoint-the-second-season-large-150x150 FLASHPOINT
Producer: Pink Sky Entertainment
Mama-Cover-150x150 MAMA
Producer: Guillermo del Toro
silent_hill_revelation_3d_ver6_xlg-150x150 SILENT HILL: REVELATION
Producer: Don Carmody
Director: Michael J. Bassett
watch-red-lights-online-free-109-150x150 RED LIGHTS
Director: Rodrigo Cortes
Saw2_150x150 SAW II - SAW VI
Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
anne_martin_sized.page ANNE OF GREEN GABLES
Producer: Breakthrough Entertainment
Degrassi-The-Next-Generation-Season-2-150x150 DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION
Producer: Epitome Pictures
trailer-park-boys TRAILER PARK BOYS
Producer: Jean Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, Robb Wells
eac23432510bdcb87ada66b91197b0481f66d1ff21f84f3bff995bd88d860754_thumb_medium MAKE IT POP
Producer: DHX Media
Young-Drunk-Punk-150x150 YOUNG DRUNK PUNK
Producer: Seven24 Films
Screen-Shot-2012-11-29-at-09.42.25-150x150 ROOKIE BLUE
Producer: eOne Entertainment
heartland-CA HEARTLAND
Producer: Seven24
Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.11.58 PM THE CAT IN THE HAT
Producer: Portfolio Entertainment
Producer: Out of the Blue Enterprises/Decode Entertainment
beyblade-150 BEYBLADE
Producer: Corus Entertainment
watch-the-shipping-news-online-free-356-150x150 THE SHIPPING NEWS
Producer: Miramax Films
Director: Lasse Hallström
picskulls2 THE SKULLS II
Producer: Universal Pictures
Director: Joe Chapelle



amy 300As President of The Rights Company, Amy Lennie runs all day to day and creative operations. Amy spent much of the 90's working for public broadcaster TVO and as lead researcher for a documentary producer in Toronto, all before partnering with Ron Proulx in 1998 to form The Rights Company. Amy has been a guest speaker at numerous workshops and lectures for organizations like the Director’s Guild of Canada, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Institute of Communications and Advertising and the former Canadian Independent Film Caucus. Born in Ontario cottage country and a seasoned aircraft pilot, Amy lives north of Toronto with her husband, a Toronto firefighter, and two children. In between everything else, she travels throughout North America several times a year to meet with clients.


proulxpixPartner Ron Proulx works primarily in Business Development and also owns music and entertainment consulting company Arpix Media. Ron has appeared on or moderated several industry panels on the topic of music licensing and copyright. He has also been the subject of several articles in industry periodicals and has written and published a guide on music licensing. Also a songwriter, Ron won the 2005 Genie Award for Best Original Song for his work on the Feature Film "Twist".


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