Script Clearance Report

The Rights Company Script Clearance Report

  • is thorough and easy to read.
  • provides focused information, alerting producers to areas of possible legal exposure.
  • provides creators with the information they need to make informed decisions to minimize the risk of legal disputes.
  • uses expert researchers, all-access Internet based resources, reference books, and internal databases.
  • is competitively priced.
  • includes clear alternate names, free of charge, for any names in the script that don’t clear.
  • is designed to help productions satisfy their Errors and Omissions requirements.

The Rights Company Script Clearance Report includes checks for:

  • Locations
  • Character Names
  • Business Names
  • Product Names
  • Schools
  • Organizations
  • Defamatory references and racial slurs
  • Use of protected material in the form of copyrights or trademarks.

Additionally, the report includes information on photographs, artwork, books, music, film clips, dialogue, props, identifiable personalities and much more.

Perhaps the best advertising one can have is that virtually all The Rights Company clients become repeat customers.

Selected Script Clients:   

  • Maps To The Stars David Cronenberg
  • Resident Evil: Retribution Paul W.S. Anderson
  • Schitt’s Creek Eugene Levy, Dan Levy
  • Flashpoint Pink Sky Entertainment